Drug-Drug Interactions (postgraduate course)

a) Drug-drug interactions in clinical practice. b) Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions. c) Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and drug-drug interactions. d) Drug-nutrient interactions and pharmaceutical care. e) Mechanisms involved in drug-drug and drug-nutrient interactions (P-glycoprotein; P-gp; enteric metabolism; hepatic metabolism). f) Genetic polymorphism of genes involved in drug action and pharmaceutical care (e.g. CYP isoforms, G-protein coupled receptors, lipoxygenase, apolipoprotein E4, UGTs, NATs). g) Personalized drug therapy and pharmacogenomics. h) New drug discovery and development technologies in current drug delivery. i) Pharmaceutical biotechnology, biotechnology-based drugs and drug-drug ineractions. j) Drug prescribing, medical errors and drug-drug interactions. k) Evidence-based learning and web-based learning for improving the education of health care providers in drug-drug interactions. l) Pregnancy and drug-drug interactions. m) Drug-drug ineractions in the elderly.
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