Pharmaceutical Biotechnology I - Molecular Techniques for the Analysis of Macromolecules (postgraduate course)

a) Basic principles of nucleic acid analysis - Enzymes, electrophoresis, DNA and RNA blots, nucleic acid sequencing. b) DNA cloning, cloning vectors, subcloning, DNA libraries, Basic principles of PCR (polymerase chain reaction). c) Genome organization and mapping techniques, consequences of genome sequencing projects. d) Functional characterization of genes and genetic analysis (use of cloned genes, RNA and protein structure analysis, expression levels). e) Use of recombinant DNA techniques for molecular diagnosis. f) Nucleic acid isolation from tissues or biological fluids, nucleic acid hybridization techniques, and PCR application for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, hereditary defects, Genetically Modified Organisms etc.). g) Electrophoretic analysis of proteins and western blotting. Applications of immunoelectrophoretic methods in molecular diagnosis. Applications of immunodiagnostic techniques for the identification of infectious agents, levels of biomolecules in biological fluids etc.
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