Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Director: Dimopoulos Vasilis

The Department is housing on the fourth floor of the "Informatics, Pharmacy and Biology" building. It is composed of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Scientific subjects

The research interests of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry are focused on many targets. One of the major aspect is design, synthesis and investigation of mechanism of action, as well as physicochemical properties of designed biologically active compounds. In this respect, the development of electron rich aldose reductase and protein glycation inhibitors (with potential in the treatment of the long term complications of diabetes mellitus), as well as in the development of serotoninergic agents (at the 5-HT1A receptors), inhibitors of enzymes implicated in inflammation and in the coagulation process are among the research interests. Another aspect is the investigation of novel reactions with pyrrole, indole, thiazole derivatives and the implementation of new computational methods in the study of the physicochemical profile of the new chemical entities.
Another direction is evaluation of antiinflammatory , antioxidant , antileukemic activities as well as design, synthesis and evaluation of compounds against neurodegenerative diseases as well as agents acting οn the CNS .
The relationship between structure and activity of various drug classes (use of Computational Chemistry in Drug Design) as well as pharmacochemical studies of natural products, and the relationship between their structure and activity is another direction of research.
Last, the development of radiolabeled substances aimed to the diagnosis and therapy of diseases.

Academic Courses

  • Chemical aspect of immunology
  •     Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  •     Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Organometallic compounds and hormones)
  •     Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry (I to III)
  •     Organic and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry



Name Position
Hadjipavlou-Litina Dimitra Professor
Nikolaou Ioannis Assistant Professor
Papagiannopoulou Dionysia Assistant Professor
Pontiki Eleni Assistant Professor
Rekka Eleni Professor