Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Director: Nikolakakis Ioannis

The Department is housing on the second floor of the "Informatics, Pharmacy and Biology" building. It comprises the Laboratory of  Pharmaceutical Technology and the Laboratory of  Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Scientific subjects

The pharmaceutical practices and legislation (prescription execution and pharmacotechnical tasks at the Pharmacy and the Hospital).

The consideration of pharmaceutical agents and preparations and of their application and action systems (physical and physiochemical laws) from a physiopharmaceutical point of view.

The basic pharmacotechnical elaborations at semi-industrial and industrial scale of the raw material and pharmaceutical agents, as well as their design, technology and formatting into preparations and cosmetics.

The assessment of the quality of medicines, cosmetics and generally of natural products, of preparations and substances by applying control methods (physiochemical, technological, microbiological, in vivo, etc.).

The pharmaceutical technology of the preparations and the factors affecting their efficiency during their in vivo implementation.

The technological study of factors affecting the obtaining, treatment and control of natural products and of their components.

Academic Courses

  •     Pharmaceutical Analysis (I and II)
  •     General Pharmaceutical Technology
  •     Prescription Techniques
  •     Physical Pharmacy
  •     Biopharmacy
  •     Special Pharmaceutical Technology (I and II)
  •     Drug Quality Control
  •     Cosmetics (Direction I)
  •     Drug Quality Control (Direction I)
  •     Pharmaceutical Technology (Direction I)
  •     Prescription Techniques (Direction II)


Name Position
Barmpalexis Panagiotis Assistant Professor
Fatouros Dimitrios Professor
Kachrimanis Kyriakos Professor
Markopoulou Aikaterini Associate Professor
Nikolakakis Ioannis Professor
Panagopoulou-Kaplani Athanasia Lecturer
Zacharis Constantinos Assistant Professor